All my life I have been in awe of my father. Among his amazing qualities too many to mention has always been his persistence and willingness to sit down and figure out how things are made and how they are done. He has spent the greater part of his life creating art by carvings and paintings, not to mention the extraordinary work he accomplished in rebuilding the home that he and my mother lived in.

The following pages will inform the reader of one man's determination to follow his dream. My Dad always wanted to be considered an artist, and he has more than achieved that goal.

As his only son, I can only say that he gave me a great life and set me on my own path to achieve my dream in the film business. He has inspired me to press on and never to give up, and for that and many other reasons he will always be my bigger-than-life hero and inspiration.

I hope that this web site will help inform the viewer of the achievements and successes which are seen not only in his own life, but as they are mirrored in the lives of his family and friends

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