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Jack Marino |
Great job Jack, I learned a great deal of carving techniques from your dad. He's a great carver, I need to get back into carving . I have a "Forget me not" carving study stick your dad carved for me several years ago.
Monday August 22,2011 - Lynn MA USA
Jimmy Letendre |
I remember the house in the making. Loan and borrowing of tools from cellar door to cellar door.
Rides on the mini train thru the tunnel. Sound advice from your father. Good luck and I miss you all at Vernal Street and Arthur Ave.
Tuesday August 9,2011 - USA
Ruth Gronemeyer
Wow! You have been a busy guy. I especially love those hardwood floors!
Thursday February 24,2011 - Wilmington, MA
Ernie Lijoi Sr. |
Jack, I have to compliment your dad on his wonderful and long life.
Monday January 17,2011 - United States
Myles Dymacek |
John, I think about you every time I talk to Bob Hegler and remember the good times we had at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. I hope you are doing well and continuing to carve. Myles
Wednesday December 1,2010 - Lincoln, Nebraska
Fred Krafton |
John, what a wonderful site you have, and you are a true artist. I've known of you for years, and how you carve with the Central Mass Carvers, and Pete. I never knew the extent of your talent. Very nice, and maybe I will see you at one of the newc meetings or a show. Fred k
Monday October 11,2010 - Marshfield mass
Excellent site, I am glad you told me about it when you were in the office Monday. Keep up the good work.
Tuesday October 5,2010 - Malden MA
Janos (John) Varady |
Hi John- Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your masterful art. I found out about this website through your son, Jack, whom I met at Ascent Media back in 2005. He is a good spirited, righteous, and creative man. No doubt because of your positive influence. Keep up the good work!
Sunday March 28,2010 - San Leandro, CA
joe Dewolf |
Hi John great sight,You don,t tell about teaching other new carvers like myself and many others.many thanks Joe
Tuesday March 23,2010 - billerica ma. us
Richard Sidmore |
Just thought I would say hello. I met you today in Michaels. Have a nice day
Monday March 22,2010 - Malden, MA
Bobby Knight |
Hey there John. Love your work. I told Dick we need to come for a visit. Take care and Happy Carvings!
Monday September 28,2009 - Bangor, Mi.
Robert Florczak |
Hello! I have become a friend of your son through our common love of Errol Flynn. Your site and work are wonderful! As a fellow artist I join others in asking you to keep up the good work.
Best regards, Robert

Sunday December 28,2008 - Los Angeles
John Frassica
Great site. You have done some great work. I am truly impressed. Who's the young sailor?
Monday July 30,2007 - Newton, MA
Hollie Ransdell
Wonderful determination of integrity. The best of your work is that of a loving son. How many fathers today can say that their kids love them so. Wish i had a family like yours.
Sunday March 25,2007 - Half Moon Bay, Ca.
Brian J Howe |
Mr. Marino,
Your web site is great and my son Isaac loves his carved name. The work that you do is phenomenal! It was a pleasure having you as a patient.
Friday September 8,2006 - Madison, WI
Jim Spagnolo |
Great website! Enjoyed meeting you and Marty the other day. Hope to see you again soon.
Wednesday July 5,2006 - Saugus, Ma
Rich |
Very neat site, enjoyed looking through it.
Thanks Rich
Helvie Knives
Tuesday June 20,2006 - Tipton, Indiana
Robert Hegler |
John, you did not come to my workshop this year. We miss you.
Saturday June 17,2006 - Cortland, Ne USA
Sara |
Very good website you have here.

Warm regards Sara!
Saturday June 10,2006 - USA, Chicago
Wednesday May 31,2006 - Gardner, Mass
John Moreno (Marino) |
Was curious about the name, and and a comment made by Will Hayden at a carving event that said he knew another John Moreno back east. Woodcarvers, what a unique group!
Tuesday April 11,2006 - Walla Walla, WA.
Terry and Bob Brady |
Dear Marty and John: Brady and I have just finished looking at the Santas you made for our family. They are truly incredible. We were snacking on our Christmas chocolates as we checked them out. Thank you for the treat and sharing your talent with us. Enjoy every minute of the season. XO
Monday December 19,2005 - Hull, MA
Louis Dennis |
Hi John, great site. I also had a father that was a great artest. He tried to get me interested but I just didn't have the talant. Some years after he died I started using some of his tools and I believe his love for his work is guiding me today. I have sat in on you class on sun morning at the newc and want to thank you for passing on your knowledge. Great to know and learn from you John, THANKS Louis Dennis
Monday November 7,2005 - Paxton, Ma.
Ken & Diane Smith |
Hi John and Marty:
Your web site is fantastic. We are glad that we had a first hand look at your carvings on the cruise. Your web site was the first thing we did when we got home. See you soon.
Sunday October 23,2005 - York, Maine
Charlie Frizado |
John you have a great web site, and the carvings what can I say I envy your work.
Wednesday October 12,2005 - Somerset, Ma
Why Brother # 1
Excellent carvings! Keep up the good work!!
Thursday July 28,2005
Ian Frank Brown (John @ Rockler Cambridge) |
Hey John, Finally made it to the site and boy was I impressed. You have a great talent sir, I hope you have more opportunity to share it with others. And I agree with Sal. Those are some handsome photos. See you at Rockler
Friday July 1,2005 - Somerville,MA USA
Dan Diefenbacher
John, enjoyed carving with you this past week in Daone. thanks for your inut on bark carving
Sunday June 26,2005 - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Stan Townsend |
John I enjoyed your company in Crete and especially the evening bull sessions.
Saturday June 25,2005 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Paul Merrills |
John, I thought I had seen John Marino names only in Chip Chats and now on the WWW of the internet. John as you know I feel there is only one John Marino and the stories and the background of your life, it has been a pleasure to meet you and to work side by side with you. God bless you, you are an inspiration to carve on and on and on. Paul
Saturday June 25,2005 - Decatur, Indiana USA
M. Paul Ward (NEWC) |
John, those pictures of you. What a handsome son of a gun. And all that hair! I'm envious.
Wednesday May 25,2005 - Chelmsford, MA
Vinny |
Hi John, I met you at the work shop my first night . I just wanna say thanks for explaining how wood carving is taught, hope to see you again along with evrybody else.
Tuesday April 5,2005 - revere, ma.
Warren Blessing Jr. |
John, Thanks for letting me know about your website. I was really touched by the work and words that your son developed, what a wonderful tribute to you as a father and to your life long efforts.

Great Job, Warren
Sunday April 3,2005 - Conn
John J. Marino III |
Interesting biography with many parallels to my father's life... right down to the cute Irish wife. I've found over the years that the name Marino is almost as common as Jones, especialy in Italy & the east coast of the US. I haven't a clue of my grandfather's (John Sr.) heritage, though I know he, a taylor, imigrated to the US around 1900 & settled in Trenton NJ. He & wife Rose believed to be an American you had to speak English and did not allow their 4 sons, Leon, Ackley, John Jr., & Robert to learn their native language... such a tragedy.

Your carvings are superb!!!

Jack, I admire your tribute to your father. We should all be so lucky to have a son that would honor us so.
Wednesday January 19,2005 - Longmont, CO
Toot Winchell |
Hi John, My Heavens! Amazing passionate work, Intensity and power, what a way to express yourself! Your work is amazing! WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXCHANGE LINKS???? ARTOPP lists art contests, competitions, art scholarships & grants, juried exhibitions, art jobs & internships, call for entries/proposals/papers, publishing opportunities, non-profit galleries reviewing proposals, museum exhibition opportunities

Your work is amazing
Toot Winchell

PS: this is our artist page on the artopp website - KEEP CARVING!
Sunday August 1,2004 - usa
keep up the good work
Wednesday July 28,2004
Tom McNulty
Jack, this section on your father was particularly fascinating. I loved the photograph of him with that fantastic pencil-thin mustache - He emits an aura of friendship and charm. I felt an immediate affinity with him in his desire and determination to create artistic works. As a writer, I hold the view that to create something from nothing is an act of faith in the human spirit. For an artist - poet, painter, sculptor, actor, singer there is nothing in life that matches the pleasure of creation. It defines who we are. You are clearly connected to him in a profound way, all for the better for you. Anyway, I really enjoyed those sections.
Tuesday May 25,2004 - Chicago
Samuel Ursino
John, nice site, who is the handsome pictures on the web site?? see you Monday nite & Thursday. Sal
Tuesday May 18,2004 - Medford Ma USA
Tom Blount |
John you probably don't remember me ,but I was in your carving class when you were teaching at the Texas Woodcarvers Guild in Fredericksburg,Texas. It was a pleasure to carve with you and I look forward to repeating that exercise again. Come back to Fredericksburg.
Sunday May 16,2004 - Duncanville, Tx
John A. Marino |
my name is John Marino as well.
Friday May 7,2004 - Cleveland, Ohio
Ian Crowe
Great website, full of interest, keep up the good work. Best wishes from Melbourne. Cheers.
Tuesday May 4,2004 - Australia
John Marino
my name is John Marino too!
Wednesday April 28,2004
Rick Thibert |
Hello John! How are you? This is a fantastic site. A real snapshot of your journeys in life. Your craftmanship and flavor for art are an inspiration to us all to excel in what we do. I think you're a fantastic man who has surrounded himself with a lovely family and friends. I envy you! :) Take care my friend! :)
Thursday April 1,2004 - Freckenham, Suffolk, England
Renate Lien |
Hi John, thanks for sharing your website in class at the Senior Center. You are really talented! I hope you will enjoy working with clay as you do with the woodworking. It is such as pleasure to have you in class.
Tuesday February 24,2004 - Woburn, MA
John Marino |
Hello, my name is also John Marino :) I have a great appreciation for woodworking, carving and art in general. I was passing the time surfing the internet...checking out sites that provided information on this hobby of mine when I saw a site with my name, titled as "A New England Woodcarver". I chuckled and was eager to see what it contained. Awesome! There's a man with the same name who lives in the same state I grew up in who's passions are similar to mine...the love of creativity, devoted to family, proud of his heritage, appreciation for his country and its opportunity. What makes this even better is that my family is also first generation Sicilian from Chuisa, Sicily. (1975) All of my family with the exception of Mom, Dad, and my sister live in Sicily. Just want to make sure this wasn't just a coincidence. Could there be a relation? My grandfathers name is Paolo Marino. Let me know if that means anything to you. Otherwise, great website, wonderful story and beautiful craftsmanship!!! Ciao.
Thursday February 19,2004 - Franklin, MA
George F |
Enjoyed your website! See you Monday night at the club.
Sunday February 15,2004 - Belmont, Ma
Bob Blymire |
From the early days of your carving I remember giving you some instructions but now the teacher could learn a lot more from the student...... Well Done, John
Thursday February 12,2004 - Mass
Flossie |
Johnny, I was so impressed and moved by your works! I've always known that you were talented, but until now I never knew just how great you truly are. My girls & granddaughter were also impressed with your artisic talent. What can I say, except keep up the good works. Your loving "baby" sister, Flossie
Saturday December 20,2003 - Datona Beach FL
Hector Fuster |
John, it gave me great pleasure to read your Web Site. I am glad I met you at Hegler's workshop June/03. Following your advice, now I'm not so hesitant to gouge out some big chunks. The good Lord willing, I hope to see you @ Hegler's in 2004. I enjoyed seeing the picture of you with your carving of the Civil War soldier. Is it completed? You gave me several good carving pointers at Hegler's workshop this past summer, thanks. Your Web Site is most enjoyable. Do you have a phone # or address for Johnny Reb?

Sunday November 9,2003 - 2 s. 381 Arrowhead Dr., Wheaton, Illinois 60187
bernie feinerman |
John, Your carvings are almost as great as your character. Keep carving and updating your web site.
Tuesday November 4,2003 - fairhaven, mass

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