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"Forgotten Heroes" reverberates with the spirit of courage, camaraderie and conviction that, until now, only those who endured the horrors of Vietnam firsthand could fully comprehend. Unique among the predominantly guilt-ridden Vietnam films to which audiences have become accustomed, "Forgotten Heroes" is not a political diatribe, but a heartfelt anthem to the brave men who gave their lives for their country.

Unlike its presumptuous predecessors, "Forgotten Heroes" pays tribute to the brave men who served and died in Vietnam, rather than blindly challenge the ideology that got them there"

-Wade Major Associate Editor - Entertainment Today


"FORGOTTEN HEROES" was produced to honor all Vietnam veterans, along with any and all other veterans of foreign wars, who feel what they did in the service for their country has and still is forgotten!

What was and still is the perception of the Vietnam war that Hollywood, the media, pop culture have created for future generations to remember?

What have your children learned from the Vietnam war films made by Hollywood?

Has Hollywood painted a true and accurate picture of what happened in Vietnam?

You remember how YOU were treated during and after the Vietnam War?

Republic of Vietnam Service Medal

Congressional Medal of Honor

50th Anniversary of Korean Conflict

"FORGOTTEN HEROES " is an independent feature film in a ten year battle to find one distributor that has the courage to market and distribute a film that truly honors the conviction, courage and duty of the men who fought, paid the ultimate price, to secure liberty for Vietnam - country who's history has never known true freedom or the meaning liberty.

Hollywood has refused to distribute this cinematic tribute for all our heroes, who did their duty when they were called.


To all our brave veterans who have fought in America's wars, I'd like to make you aware of a small independent film that is the FIRST film to honor the Vietnam veteran since John Wayne's 1968 homage "THE GREEN BERETS."

As a young boy in the 1960's I lived through that time, and was appalled by what I saw on television. The media and their reporters were all working against your noble efforts. Television, the newspapers and the major film studios were all going along with the mood of a small percentage of the nation that was protesting and garnering 99 percent of the publicity. This in turn led to the perception that the entire country was against the war. The world saw this and so did the high command of the NVA and the VC.

The media sought in every way to propagandize the negativity of your service in battle. I felt then that our servicemen were giving more then 100% in doing their jobs. It was President Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert "Strange" McNamara and the rest of our brilliant elected leadership that, as we all know NOW, would have had a hard time knowing how to direct traffic at an intersection - much less a land war in Indochina.

Since the late 1960's it has been the "in" thing to be unpatriotic, which in many cases has meant that people have felt ashamed of you and what you did over there. The idea of some kids spitting on a uniformed serviceman is to me the ultimate insult. Not after you stood-up in battle and got shot at while these ingrates ran around the country protesting, burning the flag, draft dodging, taking drugs, rioting in the streets, and who knows what else. We all now live in this utopia these boomers "left us" today.

It has always been my belief that we must accent the positive in life as best we can.. Our country... our flag....our family... our freedom... blessings we all count on and take for granted.

As a filmmaker I wanted to make a film that showed the conviction, camaraderie, and courage of the men that fought in that misunderstood war. For the past thirty years the mainstream studios have made Vietnam era films showing U.S. servicemen as villains, murderers, rapist, and everything else under the sun. But if we were the bad guys, what were the VC communist and the NVA communist???

Our own television industry, print media, film industry, universities, politicians and other of our fellow Americans have made careers and millions by fostering the perception that you were the bad guys, with the communists as innocent victims of the ugly capitalistic American imperialistic war machine.

In 1990 I finished my first independent film, "FORGOTTEN HEROES", in which I showed Russians directly involved in the Vietnam war. For that I was told, this was a film far ahead of its time. My film is not one of the big-budgeted war films that have been made in recent years by the likes of Steven Speilberg "Saving Private Ryan" or Michael Bay "Pearl Harbor" nor is it like the new Vietnam film by Randall Wallace "We Were Soldiers Once".

But "Forgotten Heroes" is the FIRST within the the POP CULTURE to say, "THANKS GUYS".

In my film I wanted to capture the fear, innocence and uncertainty of the experience of war. After all, none of you went to boot camp and came out a "Rambo". Or even when you were "in country" did any of you morf overnight into a Rambo?

"FORGOTTEN HEROES" isn't military perfect or even historically accurate, it wasn't meant to be. If you want accuracy, there are hundreds of documentaries out there, not to mention The History Channel. My intention was to entertain, and to show the honor of what it means to do your duty for God and country, together with what it means to have a "warrior's curse" placed upon you.

What the country doesn't understand or remember, is that all of you answered the call of President John F. Kennedy, when, during his Inaugural Address he stated "let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty".

Between 1990 and the present day I have been trying to get distribution by the studios, that have called Forgotten Heroes, " a profound, powerful and inspirational film". WHY won't they distribute it? It can't be because the film has no major stars.....neither did the independent films like "Clerks", "Brothers McMullian", "El Marichi". "Blair Witch", and many, many more.

All the major studios, mini-majors and independents have seen the film. They have all liked the film, but their answer is, "not at this time". When will the time be that they will want to pay homage to these valiant and forgotten veterans....."NEVER"??? Is it because I'm an unknown director that pays homage to America and the sacrifice of a generation of young men whom many of us continue to hold dear in our hearts....

then came that tragic day of ....


September 11, 2001

Our Country was attacked by a pernicious, diabolical force that not only wants to kill soldiers, but is dedicated to the annihilation of our citizenry and indeed our very culture. All of us are at risk until this menace is stamped out once and for all. The sneak attack of September 11 has galvanized all Americans to stand behind President Bush and our military. This is the first time since before the Vietnam War that our people and Hollywood are working together to create a patriotic awareness within the popular culture.

Hollywood has been finally provoked into producing BIG EPIC WAR FILMS that show our brave men and women fighting for the values that we all hold dear in our hearts and minds.

It is because of this reawakened national spirit that BLACK HAWK DOWN is currently breaking all box office records, and we can all rejoice that here, at last, is a hugely popular film that accurately depicts the heroics of a group of US Rangers and Delta Force soldiers giving their all. We may also hope that more such films are underway, and will soon be showing up in cineplexes not only in our great land, but everywhere else in the world where freedom-loving people cherish their hard-won democratic values

Randall Wallace has directed his latest feature film, "WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE" starring Mel Gibson. It depicts the battle of the Ia Drang Valley.

However, it is not the FIRST film to honor the Vietnam veteran. There is another..... a small independent film that represents all the lost causes in which we have all believed in at one time or another - "FORGOTTEN HEROES".

So I call upon you, the American veterans who visit this web site, to write, call, and e-mail the major studios. Demand that as a veteran you be allowed to see "FORGOTTEN HEROES" in your local theater.

Call your local theater and tell the manager to request the film. If we can develop a grassroots awareness of the film I'm confident we can get "FORGOTTEN HEROES" out there to the 8.3 million fellow Vietnam veterans.

In the meantime, I will continue to pursue a distribution deal, so that one day "FORGOTTEN HEROES will get out into the marketplace at a theater near you.

I remain, as always, thankful for your service to this great country.

Jack Marino


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Senator-elect and former Secretary of the Navy James Webb

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