Dear Jack,

Thank you for the opportunity to see your film Forgotten Heroes at Skywalker Sound.
It was a faith-affirming experience to know that it is still possible for independent films such as yours to get made in this day and age of bigger budgets and lower profits. 

For years the demise of the independent has been heralded by so-called analysts and experts, yet all such predictions have failed to materialize By the same token, the belief that bigger budgets, bigger stars, and bigger ad campaigns make for better films has also been debunked. Forgotten Heroes is a perfect indicator as to why, in both cases.

That you were able to obtain production values and a level of technical expertise rivaling films more than ten times your budget should be food for thought for the majors. You have demonstrated beautifully that it's not how much money you have, it's how wisely and prudently you use whatever money you do have.

I would especially like to commend you for daring to buck the trend of negativity that has permeated nearly every recent war film, on Vietnam or otherwise. Heroism, in spite of the moral implications of the cause, is a trait that has been all but forgotten in films. Thank you for taking the risk and daring to exalt the attributes of loyalty and comraderie. It worked.

Please keep me posted on further developments and feel free to contact me at any time.


Wade Major

Associate Editor - Entertainment Today 


* A special thanks goes to John Ellis for helping us with the trailer on this web site *

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