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Daria DiGiovanni |
God bless you for all of your efforts on behalf of America's heroes!!!
Sunday February 8,2009 - Boca Raton, Florida, United States
KarenO |
Hiya Jack!! I'm glad to see that Sean Penn isn't in the lineup--LOL! Thanks again for honoring our forgotten heroes! ~Karen
Monday February 2,2009 - Beaverton United States
Gabriella Holt |
I hope this movie blows right off the charts! God Bless what you are doing and thank you for reminding us about our Forgotten Heroes.
Saturday January 31,2009 - Rancho Palos Verdes CA USA
Jan Gregory |
thank you so much for what you are doing.
Wednesday January 28,2009 - Staten Island, NY
Cynthia Yildirim
The film looks great Jack, I hope that it does very well. Best Wishes.
Wednesday January 21,2009
Beverly Perlson |
God Bless You Jack Marino! This nation should roll out the red carpet wherever you brave men show up.
Welcome Home

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Wednesday January 14,2009 - Aurora, IL
Marc Stockwell-Moniz-Historian Chandlers Watch Radio Show |
I am looking forward to watching your film very soon and teaching my 11 year-old daughter the true story of the Vietnam War. With the help of your fine film, I am sure that she will always honor all those who served in this noble cause, like my brother Frank, her uncle.
Good job Bostonian!
Saturday January 10,2009 - Poway, Ca. (San Diego County)
Norvin Gandolph |
It is just in the past 8-10 years that I became proud to have served in the Nam.
Norvin Gandolph
1st bat. 14 th inf.Golden Dragons
4th inf div
Right of the line
Friday January 9,2009 - redding
Dewain Maricle
USS Platte AO-24
Sunday January 4,2009
a. acacia
Jack, it's great that Eric filmed that interview with you, not only to plug Forgotten Heroes, but also to finally give us a *face* we can connect with all those giant walls of text you leave ;-) I kid of course. Good luck with your film.
Thursday October 9,2008
tom lydon
Mr Marino. your note on Dirty Harry was an inspiration. It should be printed and posted all over the country.
Thursday October 2,2008
Michael Zent |
God Bless America
Friday August 29,2008 - Santa Monica, CA United States
Rex Shepherd |
Charlie Company, 4/21, 11th LIB, 1968.
Tuesday March 25,2008 - Lexington, KY
wayne beauchamp |
Great to see this film best wishes to Jack Marino
Sunday March 9,2008 - Quartz hill Calif. USA
Robert Hubbard
I received my copy of FORGOTTEN HEROES and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you again for bringing this wonderful film to the world. And to my attention. Its refreshing to see a movie of this caliber and integrity. I put you and the film right up there with John Wayne and the GREEN BERETS. I know you must have sweated blood all these years in your effort to get this film made. The cast was terrific and Mr Smith, as always, was excellant in his portrayel of the General. I only wish DeLuca could have made it home.
Good job and thanks again.
Bob- Vietnam Veteran
Friday March 7,2008 - Indianapolis, IN USA
David Horn |
Blood sweat and tears pays off with a great movie.Best of luck to Marino Films
Tuesday February 26,2008 - Los Angeles, CA
Brenda @ CCI |
I am so honored to know Mr. Marino and watch as "Forgotten Heroes" makes it's debut in January 2008!
Thursday December 27,2007 - United States Of America and Proud
Kurt Roberts aka Welshbard |
First visit to the website, and let me say that you have inspired me to take the next step in my career. I'll be keeping you and the guys at Libertas informed of what I am doing as it progresses.
Tuesday September 25,2007 - Connelly Springs, NC, USA
Kathy Wittes
It was great meeting you and I hope to get to know you better.
Friday May 25,2007 - Chatsworth, CA
Dave Lindberg |
Dear Jack,
I appreciate the experience working with you and your crew during the making of FH. You were very generous and well tempered (which in the film making business doesn't exist). I knew this film was going to be great when it was being filmed. Good luck with future projects.
Thursday January 26,2006 - Chicago, IL usa
Danielle Ramirez |
Hi Jack,
I wish I could locate a copy of this movie for my sister, Angelique Madrigal who was in the production would love that! We have never seen it.
Wednesday January 25,2006 - Northridge, CA
Oma Harris |
I am the widow of a vietnam Vet Do you know the names of the three soldiers in the staue? I am searching to find this info. Fredrick Hart did the satue. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Wednesday December 14,2005 - Decatur Alabama USA
Johnny Roastbeef Williams |
Jack, seeing your film over this weekend, at the Quintus Montreal Italian Film Festival, only inspired me to be a true and honest film maker no matter what the obstacles. The fact that you put together such a terrific piece of work with what you had to do it with is totally remarkable. I tip my hat to you sir! BRAVO!
Thursday October 27,2005 - Los Angeles, California, USA
Gregory J. Maradei, 1st Lieutenant USMC Ret.
Mr. Marino,
Forgotten Heroes is a stunning film which captures the tension, action and comradery of men in combat. It was a pleasure to watch, and I look forward to your next production.
Friday April 15,2005 - Studio City, CA
Maizo |
I stumbled upon your website and really enjoyed reading your stories. They are inspirational and motivated. I passed through the same situation when I was back home I stumbled upon your website and really enjoyed reading your stories. They are inspirational, before coming to the US. but in the music field. I assure you Mr. Marino that all your stories are great lessons for a lot of newbie filmmakers like my self. I thank you very much for sharing them with us. I wish all the best Sir.
Friday February 11,2005 - Fayetteville, Akansas
Paris Souvall | | None yet
Jack, I still believe in your creativity and talent and your "tank will roll in" just wait and see. Your web site is just as I knew it would be and I'm so glad to have seen it.
Saturday April 24,2004 - Salem, Oregon, USA
Rick Thibert |
There is nothing in this world more honorable than fighting for your country. This movie portrays such heroism. NEVER FORGET..................... Keep on fighting Jack! :) Dreams don't come true without a struggle.
Friday April 2,2004 - Freckenham, Suffolk, England
Rich Svizzera | www.smarte.ch/
Jack sei grande continua a fare questi siti favolosi quello su Errol Flynn sicuramemte spettacolare - ciao
Saturday February 21,2004 - Mino

Jack's comments:   Jack you are large continue to do these incredible sites. That one on Errol Flynn surely spectacular - hello
Bruce Carson | | www.rollcamera.com
When I stunt coordinated "Forgotten Heroes" I did not know what caliber film it would grow to be. It is a true example of good film making. Some people don't need 50 million dollars to make a good film and tell a great story. Jack, you are one of those people. Best of luck to you and your family in the years to come.
Thursday December 4,2003 - Palm Springs, California. USA
Jimmy Gencarelli |
Hello Jack: My Godfather (brother-in-law) name was jackie (jock-a-mo in italian), real nice guy, sending out script today, really wish we could work on this project, I know if we can "put this flick together properly", we would have "one hell of a mafia movie", thank you Jack for your time...Jimmy Gencarelli
Wednesday October 22,2003 - New York City
Vincenzo Cabrini
Jack, I just stopped by your incredible site of your first directing job FORGOTTEN HEROES. I just can't believe this town hasn't picked up your film. It's the first vietnam war film shot in an impressionistic style. You're truly an Italian filmmaking Irish poet with American know-how. You would think that of all the people that have seen your film, someone in this town doesn't have the vision to cut you a break. Given half a chance you would blow them all out of the water!! Thirteen years and you're still fighting for a decent deal, you have the heart and soul of a warrior poet! Don't let the bastards grind you down...
October 2, 2003 - Hollywood, CA
Duke Sandefur |
Dammit, Jack.... YOU MAGNIFICANT BASTARD!! YOU are the forgotten hero! I'm heartend by your website. You attack the stone walls of the pigheaded resistence with a burning piano leg in one hand, your banner in the other...and a straight razor in your teeth! By God, man...let me go up the wall beside you...or bleed in the mud, brothers of the same sticky crimson puddle! YOU are "still here" as Steve McQueen cries out. WE are still here. When the liver is gone, the man goes on. When the man is gone, his works remain. To the high seas and GLORY!
July 1, 2003 - Houston, TX USA
Michael (Mike) Ida |
Aloha Jack! Unbelievable that I found your website! A very dear friend and I were reminising about "the old days", and the movie KILLZONE came up. This was the fisrt movie I was ever in! I have very fond memories participating in the production, even though I was only an extra! I went on to make a few commercials in Japan, but am now out of "the biz". I currently reside in Honolulu, and am a marketing consultant. Thanks for a wonderful experience and memory! I am proud to have known and worked with you! Thanks again for everything!
June 26, 2003 - Kapolei, Hawaii USA
Steve Mrozinski |
I like your site. lots of great info.....My cuz Steve Herring shared the link with me. He will be comeing to town next month for the Paul McCartney show....Keep up the good work. Steve
June 3, 2003 - Houston , TX USA
Beverly Leonard |
Very touching tribute.
March 6 2003 - Everett, MA USA
Bruce Carson |
Hello Jack, So good to see your site. I really enjoyed doing the stuntwork on "Forgotten Heroes" It was a tough shoot but you never lost site of what the picture was and how it had to be. You did a great job. And although I have worked with some big name directors since then, I am still impressed by what you did on this film. I would like to buy a ticket and see it again. Best of luck to you Jack.
Bruce Carson Stunt Coordinator ( Forgotten Heroes)
August 15 2002 - Simi Valley, CA USA
Billy Zipp |
The making of KILLONE was only the beginning.. we may be cut deep and bleeding, but we're not dead yet. Best of luck Jack, Zippa!

July 10 2002 - Los Angeles, CA USA
Michael J. Brown |
Jack, we met at the U.S.S. Platte reunion where I first heard of your website. I wish you the best of luck with your film and career. I will send the studios e-mails about FORGOTTEN HEROES and pass it on to my friends. I sure enjoyed visiting with you and your family in Platte City. Mike Brown

May 27 2002 - Oak Grove, Mo USA
Johnny Romolo
Great Site Jack, awesome movie! Sell the film, buy Errol Flynn's Sirocco and lets set sail for the high winds of Jamaica!

March 21 2002 - East Boston & Burbank, USA
Neal T. Rin |
Mr Marino, I just want to thank you for keeping the memories alive on regards to the Vietam War. My Uncle Chet Tapaoan appeared in your movie "Forgotten Heroes" as one of the "Bad Guys", although he was on our side during his stint in the US Army. I myself am a third generation Military person, and recently been remobilized (called up) to defend our Nation since 9-11, also, I am just wondering how and where may I obtain the movie "Forgotten Heroes"... On behalf of my Uncle Chet, I want to thank you for giving him a chance to be an actor in your movie "Forgotten Heroes"...Ooo, RAH!

December 27 2001 - San Diego , CA USA
Brigadier General (CA, Ret ) Ronald B. Flynn
Our nation is fortunate to have patriots like Jack Marino and John Lebert who had the courage to create Forgotten Heroes.

December 22 2001 - Laguna Niguel, CA USA
Steve Herring
Greetings. Tell John I said Hello. Lots going on here and he is welcome anytime. Love Steve

December 7 2001 - FT. Benning, GA USA
Larry Udy
Great site Jack. You've done a wonderful job with the site and the movie. It's got great heart! Larry

November 12 2001 - North Hollywood, CA USA
Migu Klemenc |
Congratulations Jack! You really did a great job !! Best regards to Bill Smith, he is one of the most impressive actors ever!

November 1 2001 - Frankfurt, Germany 
Amazing movie! I've seen it many times and loved it more and more every single time.

October 10 2001 - Lawndale, CA USA
Mark Strahan |
Jack, I'm proud of you and your unyielding perseverence to succeed against all odds. To quote JFK, "One man can make a difference and every man must try!" All the best!

September 15, 2001 - Randolph, MA USA
Bud Fleisher
As one of the screenwriters on the project, I can only hope the best for you and the family, Jack. God bless! -- Bud

September 10, 2001 - Clearwater, FL USA
Frank Moro |
Jack the site is great. Maybe just what the industry needs. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained.

September 3, 2001 - Saugus, Ma USA
Anthony Cardoza |
"Platoon", "Pearl Harbor", make room for "FORGOTTEN HEROES" very well produced,directed and REAL. After viewing this Vietnam war film (five times) I actually thought I was in the action, with the troops in Nam. When "F.H." reaches the BIG silver screens, it will definately draw huge fans of the war/drama genre and then some. William Smith's portrayal as a Russian officer is flawless, the direction by Jack Marino is perfect! Reminds me of the movie "BATAAN", gut wrenching suspense, and ALL ACTION!

August 30, 2001 - North Hollywood, CA USA
John Osborne |
Jack, great web site. continue to fight the good fight, and may the ghost of Dylan Thomas keep reminding you to "rage, rage against the dying of the light." Ozzie

August 26, 2001 - Saratoga Springs, NY USA

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