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sharon eileen gagon |
I thank clay for having u on his show today june 20,12 and want to get u on my friend radio show , if its ok
Wednesday June 20,2012 - phoenix , az . usa
Rick Groat- Groat Family Productions |
Great job Jack, it is a story that needed to be told, and you did it right.
Thursday May 3,2012 - Simi Valley, CA. USA
Saturday February 4,2012 - lAWRENCEBURG, KY
Roberta Spear |
I just heard about this film today. I can't wait to see it.
Sunday June 12,2011 - Marysville, CA USA

Jack's comments:   Go to www.forgottenheroesthemovie.com to buy the DVD
john faircloth |
Tuesday February 8,2011 - JACKSONVILLE,FLA USA
Bubba Da Skitso
I'm looking forward to finally seeing the film. It's been a long time coming.

Wednesday October 20,2010 - Garden Grove, CA
keep it coming
Thursday September 9,2010
I look forward to watching this movie. I am also very pleased that you are donating to The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial as that is one that I am working with now. Great job. And THANKS!
Tuesday September 7,2010 - Tacoma, WA, USA
Recording Artist-Joseph Chandler |
This is going to be a great film and Im pulling out my credit card NOW!
My father a Sergeant Marine died from agent orange spray in Vietnam Jungles.He said it was hell on earth!
I WILL Buy this film!
God bless our brave, brave men!
Joseph Chandler
Tuesday August 31,2010 - Laguna Niguel Ca
Eric Schrader |
Heard you on the Mark Levin show and I will seek out the film
Tuesday July 27,2010 - Canton, Georgia, United States of America
Laurie Anton, Producer/Lawyer |
Heard you on Mark Levin's show, Jack. Excellent Project! We must support our Founders and our Military. Best of luck! I have a project I'd love to talk to you about!
Tuesday July 27,2010 - Florida, USA
John Eastman
Waiting for my DVD. It looks like a good one.
Wednesday July 21,2010 - Pittsburgh, PA
Jimmy. OIF and OEF Vet! |
Every generation has its heroes.MINE is the Vietnam Vets, without them my return to society would have been terrible. Tough war and even tougher return home.you have suffered enough, I will buy the next round of beer BROTHER!
Sunday July 18,2010 - Ft Bragg, NC
Stephen Paul Campos |
Author of "Charlie Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
Thursday June 3,2010 - Glendale, AZ 85302
Hank |
Good Job Jack - Keep the Faith and Stay on Message.
Sunday May 16,2010 - Cherokee Ridge GCC, Union Grove, AL
Patrick Walsh |
A really enjoyable film! Thanks Jack.
Friday April 23,2010 - New Zealand
Jim Layes |
Looks like a great film. And thank you for doing something for the Vietnam Veterans.
Sunday April 11,2010 - Jamestown, Ca United States
Kathy Ryan |
Congratulations Jack! I saw your video while on tour that appears as though it was filmed in Boston (saw the Logan Airport tower in the background)a few years ago. At that time, you stated that as an independent film maker you could use some funding. If that is still revelant, I have someone you need to speak with to make that happen. I also found your link to order the DVD and will do that today. If I find a phone contact for you and will refer Kathy Kelley to you. You will be certainly happy to speak with her or receive her e-mail.
I am so excited for you that you are fulfilling your dreams. All the best and warmest regards, Kathy
Friday March 12,2010 - Newburyport, MA USA
Herb Powell |
It took a lot of guts and courage to make this film. I wish my dad and uncles were alive to see it. They all served in NAM and came back very broken men. Our country just threw salt into their open wounds, but they never complained, only drank themselves to death. Thank you!!!
Wednesday January 6,2010 - Jefferson City, Mo USA
Stella Lohmann |
We should talk about bringing you on board with an initiative to welcome our injured soldiers home with not just practical but emotional support. We have a means to create continual revenues to maintain the support as more come home. Please email me.I use to work on locations as well as in broadcast news and sports, ET.
Tuesday December 29,2009 - Atlanta, GA
William Jankowski |
Served in Vietnam in 1972
Wednesday November 11,2009 - Spring Branch, TX ; USA
Tom Snyder |
Congratulations on your movie.
Monday September 21,2009 - Simi Valley, CA, USA
Wanda Fay Gladwill |
Jack! Movie.ing RIGHT along! I love how you're getting around and going forth! You Rock and you are a GREAT Man! Great voice for our country! Great movie Producer/Director! May all the seeds you sow PRODUCE an enormous crop and magnificant harvest! God bless you and all you do! Bring it ON!!!! LOL
Thursday September 10,2009 - San Diego/Del Mar/Carlsbad, California, USA
samantha nickson |
awesome pics! you guys keep on representing!
Thursday August 13,2009 - bloomington, IL USA
Judy Davidson |
Looking forward to seeing the move. My dad's best friend (and great friend to me) was Sy Salkowitz, (Ironside, Mission Impossible) was another GOP conservative Jew!
Saturday August 8,2009 - Downingtown, PA 19335
I saw this wonderful movie when it finished filming. I am the niece of John Lebert and it made me so proud to hear all the wonderful things said about my uncle in the interview. Then again, I've always known how wonderful he is!
Sunday August 2,2009 - Virginia Beach, VA
Randy Sandberg |
I thank you for your bravery in standing up for those who have sacrificed at many levels for this country. I am a VietNam era vet as well.
Friday July 17,2009 - San Diego, CA, USA
Kenneth Weyler |
I hope your son is safe. My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan. I am buying a copy of Forgotten Heros for my father who served 3 tours in Viet Nam,
Saturday June 27,2009 - Kingston, NH United States

Jack's comments:   Hi Kenneth, God Bless both your brother and father for their service to our country. My son is now home safe and in the reserves right now.
Christine Toon |
My husband fought in Viet Nam and never understood the hatred he encountered when he returned. I bought this DVD for him.
Thursday June 18,2009 - Burbank, CA USA
Jack soon as I can I am going to order this film, I have got to see it, bravo on a film that is just based on the trailer 5 Stars.
Monday May 25,2009 - Wappingers Falls, NY USA
Kristine Massocco |
I am the neice of John Lebert. I was lucky enough to be able to see the movie. I am so proud of what you have done. I wish you much success.
Monday May 4,2009 - Middleville, NY USA
Dina Williams |
Thank you for making this movie. Our veterans have been maligned and the likes of Jane Fonda rewarded for long enough. You're also doing a good thing for current war vets, maybe they won't have to go through what the Vietnam-era vets had to deal with.
Monday April 27,2009 - Methuen, MA USA
Papaw |
Thanks, Jack, for what you do for Vietnam Veterans everywhere. Im Bluewater Navy Vietnam Veteran, having served4 years on the USS Decatur DDG31 off the coast of Vietnam and mine sweeping duties in Haiphong Harbor.

Monday April 27,2009 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Michael P. Himko |
Thank you for the great work you are doing! Bless you!
Saturday April 25,2009 - Endicott, NY, USA
Shmuel Malov |
Not enough good is being written about what happened in Vietnam. I grew up in a very Politicaly Correct neighborhood, nobody wanted to break the status quo. You are doing the exact opposite.
Thank you
Friday April 24,2009 - Manheim, PA USA
Jeffrey Rayner |
Thanks, Jack. Looking forward to your next project.
Saturday April 4,2009 - Sun Lakes, AZ, USA
Jose L. Carcano Jr |
Jack, Thank you for thinking of our Veterans. Much success in all your ventures.

Sunday March 29,2009 - Killeen, Texas USA
Chriss Nell |
Great site Jack. You've done a wonderful job with the site and the movie.
Thursday March 26,2009 - Hilden, Germany
bill grant |
good luck and God bless you.
Sunday March 22,2009 - south boston, massachusetts, usa
Stephen Rhodes |
Looking forward to your presence on the Republican Temple podcast on Tuesday.

God Bless,

Monday March 16,2009 - Rancho Cordova, CA USA
Truck Humphries |
Keep up the good work,ajob worth doing and a job well done.
Thursday March 12,2009 - AUSTRALIA
RVN 1971-72 720 MP BN CAN THO- TAY NIN
Monday March 2,2009 - 24 GATESHEAD RD NEW HARTFORD, NY 13413
Barbara Sharp |
God Bless our Veterans, who sacrificed so much for America and our ideals, and God Bless Jack Marino, who had the courage and conviction to honor them with his film, "Forgotten Heroes."
Saturday February 28,2009 - Burbank, California
Mike Bradley |
Welcome Home Brothers-- Remember we were lucky we came home--- Other brothers are still there and we will never forget you and stop trying to get you home!
Wednesday February 25,2009 - Fort White Florida USA
Benjamin Paul Gifford |
Marine Corps veteran-- Iraq and Afghanistan. Just wanted to say thank you for commemorating the Vietnam Vets and the thanks we all owe them! God Bless you!
Wednesday February 25,2009 - Calabasas, CA, USA
Ben Sley |
Blessings to you, Jack, for making this film to tell the real truth, unlike the other propaganda hit-pieces of the leftist media. Keep up the good work!
Wednesday February 25,2009 - Hudson, OH USA
Mike Campagna |
Blessings on your movie endeavors. God bless our troops!
Wednesday February 25,2009 - Sonora, California, USA
Daria DiGiovanni |
Hi Jack, I received my copy yesterday and watched the film last night. It is excellent! I am telling all of my family and friends about it!
Sunday February 22,2009 - Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Gerald Ellis |
Served during 1967-68 Tet Offensive outside Hue.
Monday February 9,2009 - Muskegon, MI - USA
Janis Gregory |
I was impressed with the quality and the content of "Forgotten Heroes". I found it entertaining and the actors made me fall in love with the characters. Bravo to all involved. God bless our troops and their families, past, present and future.
Monday February 9,2009 - NY, NY USA

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