"I am in my thirties and I am sitting on top of the world. Here is my home, out there is the valley, beyond are the people who are writing me fan mail." - Errol Flynn 

Mulholland Farm in the late 1970s

Mulholland Farm in September of 1978

Back of Mulholland in Sept. of 1978

Looking across the canyon, we see the back of Mulholland Farm in 1978

The three large windows above looked out from Errol's bedroom into the pool area. The small gabled window to the right is at the top of the stairs/hallway leading to the master bedroom. Directly below this window can be seen the doorway out of which Errol comes at the beginning of "The Cruise of the Zaca." The large section of windows to the right are those of Errol's dining room.

Errol's black-bottomed pool. This section of the house was the last addition Errol made in the late 1940's. The bow window is the "observatory" Nora writes about in her book ERROL AND ME. From here the observer had a breathtaking view of the entire San Fernando Valley. This wing of the house also had the bedroom with the infamous two-way ceiling mirror.

Steve 'The FLO' Florentine at Errol's star on Hollywood Blvd.

Mulholland House - May of 1988
Tony Thomas, Jack Marino & Steve Florentine in
front of what is remaining of the fireplace in Errol Flynn's main living room.

photo taken by D. Flynn

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