St. Therese Toreadors

In August of 1963 The St. Therese Toreadors Drum & Bugle corps were founded by Mr. Bill Perkins who has spent the majority of his life with helping the youth of the City of Everett. Along with his future wife Kathy Perkins, they were both extremely dedicated to making sure we had the best instructors with the best equipment to succeed in the competitive field of Drum & Bugle corps.

Between August of 1963 to the spring of 1965 the Toreadors were practicing and preparing for their first year in competition By 1965 the Toreadors entered the class C division in both the CYO and Eastern Mass division of competition.

Al Saia the horn instructor, Arthur Kerwin the drum instructor and Joe Maglione, our marching and maneuvering instructor all had an incredible life experience of many years, as both members and instructors of the best drum and bugle corps the post world war II era had to offer.

The Toreadors was a "Spanish style drum & bugle corps, like the former Cambridge Caballeros and the greatest drum corp of all time, the Hawthorne Caballeros.

The first song we learned was, yellow bird" it became our trademark song. Eventually as the years went on we mastered songs like, Carmen, Toreador song, Besame mucho, II Caballeros, El Cid, Zorro, Adventures in Paradise, Flamingo, Quando Quando, Espana, Mr. Wonderful, Our Buddy, Battle Hymm of the Republic, and many more.....



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