Forgotten Heroes Credits

Forgotten Heroes Credits 

William Smith as General Gregori Zelenkov

I would like publicly to state for the record what an honor and privilege it was to work with veteran character actor William Smith.

As a young boy in Everett, Massachusetts, I would watch Bill Smith as Joe Riley in "Larado." Years later, he went on to carve out a great career as the best villain ever to appear on the motion picture screen. Who can forget his biker films in the late 1960's early 70's or his greatest villain ever,"Falconetti," in the hit television mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man".

In 1986 I had the chance to meet and talk to Bill about the possibility of being in my first directing effort "Forgotten Heroes" which concerned a Russian General seeking personal and political freedom. I was hoping to have him to play against type and a good guy.

He was very touched by this, and told me I was the first filmmaker that actually created a script with him in mind and to play a good guy to boot! That was something he had been looking to do for years.

Bill was very helpful to me as a first time director, and I loved hearing the stories of his early days in Hollywood. My Dad, who was working on the film as one of the photographers, also enjoyed Bill's company, and they talk of the kind of films Hollywood use to make. Bill brought to the ensemble of unknown actors a camaraderie that made the film a joy to make. Although he appears to be the kind of villain you love to hate on the big screen, in real life he is a true professional - a gentleman with the heart and soul of a warrior poet.

Why the major film directors are not currently utilizing this great actor is beyond me. He would have been brilliant in as a Scot clansman warrior in Braveheart, a Germanic Chief in Gladiator, a Viking Chief in 13th Warrior, maybe an old Jedi warrior in Star Wars - you name the costume epic, his great look and voice would have been an asset to any of these films.

I can't thank him enough for being a friend and teaching me what it means to be a film director.

Marino Film Group, Inc. presents a Pallavicini Production of a Jack Marino film Pallavicini Productions extends our special thanks to Colonel Clifford S. Hovik (USAF-Ret.) and his family Eleanor, David and Donald. Without them, this project might never have come to fruition.

Jack Marino & John Lebert 

Jack Marino & Deirdre Flynn 

Main Title

Mark Archuleta as "Lopez" 

Denis de Boisblanc as "Lt. Brazinski" 

David Campbell as "Sully" 

Johnnie Johnson as "Mills" 

Bobby Johnston as "Darryl" 

Richard Massery as "Govostes" 

Bob Orwig as "Cowboy" 

John Osborne as Sgt. Amalrik 

Gary Stockton as Lt. Holden 

Michael Thomas as "Prophet" 

Joel Wiess as "Rossetti" 

Attacking a VC villiage 

Mills and Amalrik in a death struggle 

Pete Portious hanging from Huey 

Mills rescues vietnamese girl 

Jack Marino with camera crew 

Bobby Johnston & Joel Wiess 

Jack Marino with his actors 

Executive Producer John Lebert 

Jack Marino - Gary Kimmel - Rogin Kim - JJ Soto 

Peter Wolf sets up a POV shot 

Jack Marino with Rick Massery 

Jack Marino and his son - Sept 1988 

Marino Film Group, Inc & Pallavicini Productions

Produced & Directed by : 

Jack Marino

Co-Produced by : 

John R. Lebert

Executive Producers : 

John R. Lebert & John R.Graham

Screenplay by : 

Bud Fleisher & Larry Duhart

Story by : 

Jack Marino

Director of Photography : 

Peter Wolf

Production Designer : 

Chalkie® A.S. Csaky

Music Composed/Orchestrated : 

Will Scheafer

Music Supervisor : 

Buddy Baker D.M.A.

Editor : 

Alan C. Marks, A.C.E.

Casting by : 

Massery & Associates

Ramon Lopez : 

Mark Archuleta

Lt. Col. Viktor Brazinski : 

Denis de Boisblance

Sully : 

David Campbell

Robert Mills : 

Johnnie Johnson

Darryl Huckins : 

Bobby Johnston

Nick Govostos : 

Richard Massery

Joe "cowboy" Geer : 

Bob Orwig

Sgt. Amalrik : 

John Osborne

Lt. Paul Holden : 

Gary Stockon

Rodney "Prophet" Tyler : 

Michael Thomas

Leo Rossetti : 

Joel Weiss

General Gregori Zelenkov : 

William Smith



Major Michael Leary : 

John Perritti

Captian Linh : 

Chet Tapaoan

Vietnamese Mother : 

Rosa Li

Vietnamese Girl : 

Angelique Madrigal

Nurse Annie : 

Nora Cook

Wounded Marine : 

Larry Udy

Dave DeLuca : 

Jack Marino

Vietnamese Barber : 

Bill Chung

Vietnamese Shoe Boy : 

Rogin Kim

Vietnamese Boy : 

Javvier "JJ" Soto

Major's Aide : 

Chalkie A.S. Csaky®

AFRS Radio D.J. : 

Jai Rich

T.V. Newscaster : 

Von Elmore



Yuly : 

Ron Althoff

Petr : 

Troy Fromin

Alexksey : 

Yevgeny Kogan

Ilya : 

Roger Manning

Pavel : 

Bill Stoyanoff

Fedor : 

Michael Defalco

Anatoly : 

Jay Kaye

Bodgen : 

Gregg Christie

Valdimir : 

Charlie Venniro


Base Personel

Bobby Baker 

/ Verley Collins

Larry Costales 

/ Matthew Gurrero

Leonard Johnson 

/ Gary Kimmel

Robert Kinkle 

/ Maurice V. Lamar

Dan Larson 

/ Brad Lipsey

Jeff Mckay 

/ Anne P. Nathan

Bert Perry 

/ Timothy Sanchez

Leigh A. Waltz 

/ Bob Wlodarski

Viet Cong &

NVA Regulars

Bill Ikeda 

/ Paul Dinh

Darrin Ikeda 

/ Dinh Yen

Sean Hedman 

/ Ceasr Dimas

Glen Yee 

/ Steve Dao

Victor Chin 

/ Frank Comer

Nguyen Vu 

/ Bobby Torres

Marcelo Iberico 

/ Norman Kown

Bobby Jones 

/ John Dum Hong

Jong Wook Hong 

/ Richard L. Gonzales

Vincent Gonzales 

/ Jamie De Latlato

Sean Yokof 

/ George Hernandez

Steve Chong 

/ Lewis Martinez

Edrei Pascual 

/ Charlie Venniro



Unit Production Manager : 

David Preston

First Assisntant Director : 

John Eng

Second Assistant Director : 

Andrew Keeter

2nd 2nd Assistant Director : 

Susan M. Gaaaron



Script Supervisor : 

Carol Hubbard



Camera Operator : 

Peter Wolf

First Assistant Camera : 

James Brown

Second Assistant Camera : 

Wendi Van Dyke

Assistant Camera/Loader : 

Francis Vincent



Additonal Camera Operators : 

Bryan Cook


Richard L. Lamb



Additonal Camera Assistants : 

Gary D. Scott


Art Adams



Steadicam Operators : 

Rusty Geller


John Nular



Sound Recordist : 

Melinda Johnson

Additional Sound Recordist : 

Fidel Gruber



Boom Operators : 

Julie Schoenborn


Margaret Sych

Gaffers : 

Bruce Sinclaar

Additional Gaffers : 

Gare Cline



Key Grip : 

Mark J. Coyne

Best Boy : 

John Di Tomaso

Extra Best Boy : 

Leigh A. Waltz



Set Decorator : 

Gary Kimmel



Wardrobe Mistress : 

Deirdre Flynn



Make Up : 

Debbie Nelson

Special Effects Make Up : 

John Schnedeider



Property Man : 

Thomas H. Atcheson

Weapons Man M - 60 : 

Branko Wohlfahart



Stunt Coordinators : 

Pete Porteous


Bruce Carson



Stunts : 

Kelly Hall


Charlie Venniro


Louis Getsoian



Knife Fight Sequence by : 

Ron Althoff

Aerial Stunt by : 

Pete Porteous



Special Effects Dept.: 

Spex, Inc.


Wayne Beauchamp


Dave Linbergh



Craft Services : 

Chet Hood


Checkers Caterers


Louise's Kitchen



Set Constructrion Forman : 

Verley Collins

Construction Crew : 

Robin Messick


Walter Collins


Robert Orwig


Ernest L. Windham



Key Artwork Design by : 

John R. Lebert

Art Director : 

Peter Heer

Story Boards : 

Chalkie® A. S. Csaky



Video Camera Operator : 

Ralph Brogna

Still Photographers : 

Rhonda Baer


John J. Marino



Extra Casting : 

Toluca Casting Service



Second Unit  


2nd Unit Director : 

Bud Fleisher

First Assistant Director : 

Ben Woythaler

Director of Photography : 

Peter Wechsberg

2nd Unit Camera Operator : 

Richard L. Lamb

First Assistant Camera : 

Ziad Doveri

Second Assistant Camera : 

Margaret Sych

Continuity : 

Susan M. Garon

Gaffer : 

Gare Cline

Grip : 

Gary Bradshaw

Sound Recordist : 

Alan DerMarderosian

Boom Operator : 

Pat Coppola

2nd Unit Production Manager: 

Verley Collins

Production Accountant : 

Louise Nugent



Military Vehicles Supplied by : 

American Society of Military History & Museums

Uniforms & Equipment by: 

Don Michaelson

Military Vehicles Coordinator : 

Craig Michaelson


Freddie MAC

Drivers : 

Jerry Hernandez


Roger Manning


Ralph Brogna


Pat "Tessio" Coppola



Huey Supplied by : 

Cine/Exec Helicopters, Inc.

Huey Pilot : 

Alain "Frenchy" Poilvez

Ground Crew : 

Dirk Vahle



Huey Gunship Supplied by : 

Wright Airlift International, Inc.

Gunship Pilot : 

Clayton D. Wright

Co - Pilot : 

Steve Lund



Insurance : 

De Witt Stern Co.

Camera & Lens Supplied by : 

Ulta Vision


Wolf Productions



Sound Equipment : 

Skyline Productions


Marc Ullman



Lighting & Grip Equipment : 

Lee America


Cine Lease



Dolly Rental : 

Bob Stint Dolly

Camera Truck/Lift Rental : 

Studio 7 Productions

Weapons/Props : 

Ellis Mercantile


Hand Prop Room



Wardrobe : 

Western Costume Co.


United Costume Co.



Franklin Mint Vietnam Statue: 

John R. Lebert Private Collection

Order of Lenin Medal : 

Arlene Davidson



Editorial Supplies by: 

Hal Dennis Productions



Processing by : 

Image Transform Lab

Product Placement : 

Creative Film Promotions, Inc.


Tony Engedel



Productions Assistants : 

Leigh A. Waltz




Loretta Fillios


Kathy Fitts


Mark Lemarsky


Ralph Brogna



Post Production Supervisor : 

Richard Corey



Editor : 

Alan C. Marks, A.C.E.

First Assistant Editor : 

Larry Udy

Apprentice Editors : 

Jean-Ramon Lebert


Jack Martin



Post Production Sound : 

West Productions, Inc.

Supervising Sound Editor : 

David John West, M.P.S.E.

Sound Design : 

Daivd John West, M.P.S.E.



Dialogue Assembly : 

Richard Crampton


Sonya L. Henry


John Kincade


Michael T. Ryan


Chris Rabideau



Sound FX Assembly : 

John Bonds, Jr.


Stuart Calderon


Cynthia Rabideau


Thomas Vogel


Darren Wright



Foley Artist : 

Mike Dickerson


Mike McCabe



Foley Mixer : 

Yvonne Preble



ADR Coordinator : 

Lynn Schneider



ADR Mixers : 

Kevin Burns


Debby Ruby



Re-Recording Mixers : 

David John West, M.P.S.E.


Ray West


John Mack



Operations Manager : 

Ron Flynn



Scoring Services Provided by: 

International Film Scoring


Jay Lawton

Music Supervisor : 

Buddy Baker, D.M.A.

Music & Orchestration by: 

Will Schaefer



Recording Studio : 

Fisyo Studio, Prague Czechoslovakia

Scoring Performed by : 

Film Symphony Orchestra of Prague

Score Conducted by : 

Mario Klemens

Sound Engineer : 

Juraj Durovic

I.F.S. Coordinator : 

Viola Skampova

Assistant to Will Schaefer : 

Jana Stefaskova



Music Editroial : 

The Music Design Group, Inc.

Music Editor: 

Jim Burt



Additional Music : 

W.Allen Oldfield

Recording Studio : 

Visionary Music



Sound Engineer : 

Bill Jenkins

Ultra - Stereo Consultant: 

Bruce Murphy



Opticals & Titles by: 

Howard A. Anderson, Co.

Negative Cutting : 

Magic Film Works



The Producers Wish To Thank  

The Following For Their Assistance

And Contributions In  

The Making Of This Motion Picture



Newhall Land & Farming Co. 

American Society of Military History 

Luis Rios 

Don & Criag Michaelson 



Sat Cong Village 

Errol FLynn Estate 

Dennis Burkowski 

Steve & Judiet Wies 



Vietnam Statue Franklin Mint 

Forest Lawn Mortuary Park 

Fredrick Hart 

Dick Fisher 



Country of San Bernardino 

County of Ventura Fire Dept. 

Forestry Fire Warden 

Station 46 



County of Los Angeles 

John F. Kennedy Library 

Los Angeles Fire Dept. 

Boston, Mass 



Kathleen Soto 

Don Gerler 

The Collins Family 

John Kirk 

Ralph Brogna 

Gray H. Ainsworth 

Joanne Keller 

Chas. A. Henry 

Lewis "Bart" Kean 

Margaret Kuhn 

Nissim & Violet Oz 

Phil Strub 

Alan DerMarderosian 

David Wilkerson 

George Ellard 

Pat Vestpoint 



Irene R. Lebert 

Angelo & Theresa Agro 

John A. McCabe, Jr. 

Giorgio & Sandra Accolti-Gil 

Luis Delgado 

Peter & Belle Lavares 

Steve Ruben 

Mary Krajcask 

Selvin, Weiner & Ruben 




To John R. Lebert Who Fought 

With Me Upon St. Crispian's

Day Your Courage and Idealism 

Has Made A Dream Come True



Ad Majorem 

Dei Gloriam







John R. Lebert & Family 

John & Claire Marino 

Verley Collins 

Joan J. Marino 

Robin Messick 

Francis & Winifred Nugent 

Cilfford & Eleanor Hovik 

Daniel & Eileen Sauliner 

David Hovik 

Richard L. Massery 

Donald Hovik 

Jeanette Massery 

Fred Renfrow 

Carl & Kathy Ruggiero 

Paul Kim 

Bruno J. Marra 

M.Victor Hamada 

John Osborne, Jr. 

Ali Fred Jafari 

Lawrence G. Udy 

Michael D. Kang 

Annette Kennedy 

Deslonde R. De Boisblanc 

Daniel & Rita Delaney 

Chester J. Lebert & Family 

Dan Delaney 





Written by Phillips & Phillips 


Performed by 

Performed by 

The Mama's & Papa's 

The Grass Roots 

Courtesy of MCA Records

Courtesy of MCA Records 





Writen by :  


Performed by :  

Barry McGuire

Courtesy of  

MCA Records





Music & Lyrics by Bruce H.  

Gordon & Horatio D.Gordon

Performed by :  

"Shevawn" Blocker

And dedicated to the  

memory of my son "Troy"

Orchestration by :  

Will Schaefer

Courtesy of  

LPC Records



Color by :  














Dedicated to the Memory

of Norman "Buddy" Baker



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